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Obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in Spain


When buying a property in Spain for the price higher than 500,000 euros (using own funds), you can obtain a residence permit in Spain according to the law 14/2013 of 27 September 2013.

We provide a complete investment service, that includes advising and selection of the Real Estate in Barcelona, purchase assistance, property management and residence permit registration.

Investing in Real Estate in Barcelona you get a liquid asset that increases in price constantly (5-7% per year for centric districts of Barcelona), the possibility to obtain revenue from renting your property (4-6%) and the opportunity to quickly arrange a Spanish residence permit (investor visa). Having extensive experience in the real estate market in Barcelona and a wide selection of best properties available on the market, we will advice and offer the best investment options for you.


How to get the golden visa (residence permit):

What you should know about the Spanish golden visa:


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