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Eixample district (Barcelona)




If you exit the old town through the pedestrian street "Las Ramblas" and Plaza Catalunya, you will find yourself in the district of "Eixample". Unlike the old town, the streets are wide, geometrically precise, with traffic.

the district includes much of what is considered the heart of modern Barcelona. In the late 19th century "Eixample" began to be built beautiful houses and has become in a short time in the best architectural ensemble of the city. It is ruled by luxurious art Nouveau style. In this district there are some of the main attractions of the city, as well as the many shops, jewelry shops and expensive boutiques.

the Main thoroughfare of the "Eixample" is the wide Passeig de gràcia, which arose on the site of the road leading from Plaza Catalunya to the town of gràcia, now one of the districts of Barcelona. Parallel to the Passeig de gràcia is the second main street of the Eixample Rambla de Catalunya. It is planted with Linden Boulevard with many bars, cafes with terraces, shops, art galleries and cinemas.


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