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Tres Torres luxury district (Barcelona)


Tres Torres district appeared in 1901-1903 due to the brothers Romani and Clement Masia built three towers. One of them is preserved and is located on the corner of Via Augusta and Doctor Roux (Via Augusta-Dr. Roux). In this district are famous historical buildings such as La Rotonde, Fraile Blanco and Belessguard designed by Antonio Gaudi, as well as the magnificent Jardines de la Tamarita Park, designed by Rubio and Tuduri.

Tres Torres luxury district (Barcelona)

Tres Torres is one of the most prestigious districts of Barcelona, ​​here are the best shopping centers, such as "El Corte Inglés" and "Illa Diagonal".

The boundaries of the district pass along the following streets: Vía Augusta, Doctor Carulla, Ganduxer, Avenida Diagonal, Avenida de Sarrià, Paseo de Manuel Girona, Bosch i Gimpera, calle del Cardenal Vives i Tutó, Calle de Font Coberta, calle de Bonaplata, calle de los Vergós.

Flats and homes in Tres Torres luxury district in Barcelona

Tres Torres luxury district (Barcelona)

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