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Property management service


We know that after purchasing of the apartment, our clients, specially foreigners, may have difficulties to make themselves at a new home. You may need help with refurbishment, buying furniture, connecting utility services, communication with administrator of the building, paying taxes, etc. We are happy to help you with all these occasions, to be your confidant, take care of your property and make your life in Barcelona much easier.

Here is a classic example: our client have bought an apartment in Barcelona, he comes 3 times a year to spend a few days. When he comes, he wants to find clean and ordered home, without unpleasant surprises and dozen of mails on foreign language. For that, our manager visits apartment every month, checks the mailbox, ventilates the apartment, looks if there any issues or water leaks and orders a cleaning before our client comes. 


There are several things you need to keep in mind, when you have a property in Spain and not live constantly:

- you will be receiving mail from: utility companies, city hall, administrator of the building…some of them may be urgent

- during the first year you will receive a invoice to pay the tax (IBI) first time it should be payed within 3 months and you need to order automatic payment for future invoices

- once a year there is a tenant meeting, where community questions are treated and you should participate

- if there is a gas in your apartment, once a year a gas company comes to check the connection and the boiler

- if nobody appears in the apartment for a long time, it can be robbed or even occupied and laws in Spain do the recuperation of the property a long process if it is not detected in a short term 


We offer packages with the possibility of ordering additional services. Our basic package includes the following services:

- periodical visits of the property

- checking of correspondence with subsequent notification

- checking the main elements of the apartment for a malfunction (doors, windows, electrical appliances, water, gas, boiler)

- provision of contact of our employee to administrator of the building, utility companies, to the president of the building

- attending the annual meeting of the tenants

- in case of detection of housing hacking, communication with the police to resolve the issue

- advising on all matters related to the possession of the property in Spain


Additional services:

- organization of cleaning

- meeting of relatives

- repairing works

- purchase of furniture and household appliances

- connection of communications

- accompaniment to institutions (banks, schools, hospitals ...)

- services related to the rental and sale of real estate


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