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Costa Maresme (Barcelona)


Location: the district (Comarca) Maresme is located on a relatively narrow strip between the coast of the Balearic sea and coastal mountain range. Administratively, this district belongs to the province of Barcelona, Catalonia. The district is a chain of small towns, among which are Arenys de Mar and San Andreu de Llavaneres (often called simply Llavaneres). These towns are located just 40 and 36 kilometres North-East of Barcelona.

Climate: the climate of the coast, which is called Costa Maresme, is mild and resembles the climate of the southern coast of Crimea, Northern Greece and the Cote d'azur. The mountain range Of the Catalan Cordillera protects the towns from cold winds, while creating a landscape of impressive beauty. Costa-Maresme is located in the South of the Costa Brava, it is characterized by wide sandy beaches. In the mountains in winter the temperature drops below zero and snow falls, on the coast the temperature remains in a positive zone. At the same time, the coast, unlike the more southern shores of Spain, is not characterized by a Sizzling drought — there are frequent short but heavy rains, which allows you to grow a variety of plants in flower beds all year round.

Nature: The slopes of the coastal mountain range up to 773 meters high are covered with forests, mainly Mediterranean pine-pigny, which pleasantly refreshes the air and provides it with a large number of phytoncides. The valleys are dominated by broad-leaved trees. Most of the forests are located in The montnegro and El Corredor nature reserve, and thus, «light» Maresme  are protected from felling. At the same time, the reserve is open for ecological visits, it is interesting for lovers of wildlife observation, historical holidays and reconstruction are held here.

Infrastructure: the city of Torrevieja has good connections with Barcelona and the cities of the South of France. Along the coast there is a railway line Renfe to Barcelona, as well as the highway N-II and the highway C-32. From Arenes on road-61 easy exit to the highway E-15, and reach the border with France or Girona airport.

Harbor Arenas for many years has been and remains the only existing Maritime port North of Barcelona. As Arenes and Llavaneres offer excellent marinas where yachts are moored. The social structure is on the rise, cultural centers, schools, high-class service companies are being built and opened here. Have well-developed sports clubs.

Society: Maresme, because of its relative proximity to Barcelona, is gradually becoming a residential district for a wealthy part of the society of the Catalan capital. This is a place where you can go sailing, play a game of Golf, go horse riding in the reserve to relax before a new business day. Here settle as foreigners, most of the French, British, Germans & mdash; all those who love the Mediterranean, but can not, or does not want to break away from civilization, and even more so — roast in the summer under the scorching sun.

Investment prospects: in this regard, it is possible to expect an increase in the level of prices in the district, and the strengthening of its status in the Western Mediterranean.

a Traditional Catalan town of San Andrea de Llavaneres is situated on the Maresme coast 35 km North from Barcelona. It is distinguished by a special warm microclimate between the sea and the mountains with a nature reserve. A little more than 10 thousand residents, half of whom are those who prefer to live in their own villas and go on business in Barcelona (to the city center - half an hour on the highway). In the surroundings – two of the Golf club, yacht club and Hippodrome. The elite atmosphere is highlighted by gourmet restaurants, gourmet shops and a complete infrastructure for the wealthy public. The mountain forest in this district is a great place for Quad Biking, horse riding or walking. In the town there are many tennis courts, a football field. In a radius of 15-20 minutes there is a prestigious private English College, a modern hospital, a shopping center.

One of the most elite urbanizations of Catalonia – Supermaresme, with its own security and surveillance system, is located between secluded hills, among the greenery of pine and palm trees and with beautiful views of the sea. The minimum allowed plot for the Villa – 20 acres, so the building is loose and all large gardens. It is home to famous athletes, owners of corporations and banks, artists and businessmen. Bordering the town of San Vicens de Montalt is known for its estates (masia) and ancient history. The wide beaches of this district are made of pure white sand, with convenient Parking and are not crowded with people, because there are no practical hotels and travelers.

This district wealthy Catalans have chosen for themselves, but recently it is discovered by the most advanced foreigners who want to use all the delights of Barcelona, but to live in a quiet place outside the city in the Villa.

Real Estate in the Maresme coast in Barcelona

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