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Flats and homes for sale in Eixample luxury district in Barcelona


If you leave the Old City and follow the pedestrianized street Rambla, you will reach Eixample district. Compared to the Old City the streets here are wider, strict, with automobile traffic.

Eixample district has the majority of Barcelona sights. At the end of the 19th century new wonderful buildings of modernist style started to appear in Eixample. Essential visitor attractions are situated here, as well as multitude of shops, jewelry stores and expensive boutiques.

The main street of Eixample is Paseo de Gracia, which appeared on the place of the road that many years ago connected Barcelona with the city of Gracia (nowadays Gracia is one of Barcelona districts). In parallel with Paseo de Gracia there is another famous street called Rambla de Catalunya. Along this boulevard there are many beautiful lime trees, and a lot of cafes with terraces, shops, cinemas and art galleries are situated here.

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