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Apartments for sale in the centre of Barcelona


In our top selection of properties you will find the best available apartments in centric areas. We constantly search for new flats for sale and select the best!

Centric area of Barcelona can be divided in 2 main areas: Eixample and the Old City. These are most attractive areas in Barcelona.

Properties for sale in Old City

Old City is the centric area of Barcelona and consists of 3 sub areas: Raval, Gotic Quarter, Born.

This areas will be interesting for investors and for people who appreciate the antic character of the city. Prices for apartments in the Old City may vary much from Raval to Born. Among these districts, Born is the most attractive. Some streets of Gotic may be too noisy at night. As for Raval, the best are of it is the one close to the University square.

Properties for sale in Eixample

Eixample is the «extension» of the Old City and was built at the end of XIX - beginning of XX century. It is divided in areas: Eixample Dreta, Eixample Esquerra, Sant Antoni, Sagrada Familia, Fort Penc.

Eixample is one of the best areas of Barcelona to live, to stay or to invest. It is centric, secure, well communicated, has great infrastructure. Most of the buildings in this area were build in the beginning of XX century, they have beautiful facades and usually very well maintained. We really like refurbished apartments in buildings with history.

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