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New developments of Barcelona


Here you will find the best new build apartments in Barcelona. We collaborate with all local and foreign developers.

Usually constructors start sales on the very early stage, and by the end of construction about 90% of apartments are sold because of a very high demand.

How to buy a property in the new development in Barcelona?

First of all - you need to see the location and the area, then get some information about the builder and conditions. After you choose the unit using plans and description of finishes.

Usually there are several different types of apartments on each floor, so you choose the type you like most and the level. Every floor up prices are rising about 5-10%.

Terms: usually it takes 1 year to complete the development in Barcelona. In almost most of the cases developers finish in time. Sometimes there are some small delays around 1-2 months to connect the elevator or to get some certificates. We recommend to add a penalty clause in the purchasing contract for the cases if the builder has a delay.

Process: after you choose the flat, you need to do a deposit of 10% and sign «Arras» contract. Several additional payments can be required before the completion, it depends of the developer and normally there are no more then 3 payments of 10% each one. When the building is finished you sign the contract and pay the rest of the price.

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