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Our distinctive feature is the the maximum client orientation and specialization on properties for sale in Barcelona.


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Barcelona is one of Europe's most famous and beautiful cities and a brilliant place to buy property as a second home, rental investment or for permanent living. It is a cosmopolitan, modern city, famous worldwide for its fabulous Mediterranean climate, rich gastronomy, art, shopping and architecture, especially the masterpieces of Gaudi. Barcelona is a coastal city and it is one of the most desirable locations.
Barcelona is situated, just two hours from Andorran ski resort and the French border, it is famous for its excellent weather, relaxed lifestyle and history. Constant renewal and renovation over the last 150 years mean the city has a real mix of styles and neighborhoods, making it easy to find the home that suits you, whether it's a centric 19th-century building or a new-build apartment in a modern beachfront district.
Another reason to invest in Barcelona is that spending 500.000 Euros in Real Estate gives a right to obtain a residence, according to the Golden Visa program.


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