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Real Estate in Barcelona

Barcino Homes is the Real Estate agency located in Barcelona. Our distinctive feature is our narrow specialization on properties for sale in Barcelona city. With such an approach we constantly keep an eye on the market of Barcelona, selecting the best Real Estate deals available. We offer: apartments for sale in Barcelona, new developments in Barcelona, luxury houses in Barcelona and individual solutions for investors, including Golden Visa.


Buy apartment in Barcelona

There are 10 areas and 73 districts in Barcelona. They are all very different, so we would like to highlight the most attractive neighbourhoods to live in or to buy a property in Barcelona. You can find a more detailed information in areas of Barcelona.

Old City of Barcelona

It is the historical centre of Barcelona, which consists of Born, Gothic, Raval and Barceloneta districts.

Old City is for people, who appreciate the history and autenthic environment, who would like to live close to the most attractive places of the city and closer to the sea.

Best available apartments for sale in the Old City of Barcelona


The Eixample

It is another centric district of Barcelona, which was developed in the end of XIX century to expand the city after the demolition of medieval walls.

Here you will find charming modernist buildings, wide streets and many attractions. Eixample is perfect for constant living and for short visits.

Best available apartments for sale in Eixample


Diagonal Mar

Is a modern district on the coastline of Barcelona. It is situated in 4 km from the city centre, but has very good infrastructure, parks, shopping and best beaches in Barcelona.

Diagonal Mar is for those, who prefer to live by the sea in a modern building. Some of properties are situated in the first line of the sea and have spectacular views.

Best available apartments for sale in Diagonal Mar

Buy a luxury house in Barcelona

Costa Maresme

The best district for those, who would like to buy a house or villa in Barcelona, is the north suburb of Barcelona, or Costa Maresme.

First of all, this district is so attractive, because it is situated in just 20 minutes drive from Barcelona. The environment is very picturesque, there are nice beaches and lovely towns around. This area is also very comfortable to live in. Most of the houses in these districts are situated on the green hills and have views to the.

Best villas for sale in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Europe's most famous and beautiful cities and a brilliant place to buy property as a second home, rental investment or for permanent living.

It is a cosmopolitan, modern city, famous worldwide for its fabulous Mediterranean climate, rich gastronomy, art, shopping and architecture, especially the masterpieces of Gaudi. Barcelona is a coastal city and it is one of the most desirable locations.

Barcelona is situated, just two hours from Andorran ski resort and the French border, it is famous for its excellent weather, relaxed lifestyle and history. Constant renewal and renovation over the last 150 years mean the city has a real mix of styles and neighborhoods, making it easy to find the home that suits you, whether it's a centric 19th-century building or a new-build apartment in a modern beachfront district.

Another reason to invest in Barcelona is that spending 500.000 Euros in Real Estate gives a right to obtain a residence, according to the Golden Visa program.


Our services:

Our team of multilingual consultants is pleased to advise you and will prepare an individual list of properties before your visit. Once in Barcelona, we accompany our clients during all steps: visits of selected properties, reservation, opening of a bank account, NIE obtaining, purchase. We also offer after sales services: Golden Visa obtaining and home management service.

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